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NEC Small Radar Satellite "ASNARO-2"

NEC’s advanced small radar satellite is effective in cloudy weather and at night, and capable of capturing clear surface images. Flexible attitude change allows observations to be customized to user needs.

NEC will use its extensive experience in aerospace development and leverage its AI and other advanced technologies to provide total support in every aspect of the satellite from the development, production and launch of satellites, to the operation of data centers where received image data is processed and analyzed, and also training for each process.
The NEXTAR satellite bus enables quick and successive delivery of highly reliable satellite systems at low cost. NEC will continue to meet the needs of increasingly diversified missions.

The high performance small satellite using NEXTAR satellite Bus

Satellite ASNARO-1 ASNARO-2
Flight image ASNARO-1 ASNARO-2
Bus system NEXTAR NX-300L NEXTAR NX-300L
Mass 500kg 570kg
Major on-board device Optical sensor X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) 0.5 m or less. 1.0m
Observable width 10km 10km
launched November 6, 2014 January 18, 2018
Rocket Dnepr rocket Epsilon rocket