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Public Safety

Information Management

Information Management

Information technology plays a vital role in ensuring security. Heightened dependence on advanced technologies, however, has rendered modern, connected societies highly vulnerable to threats in the virtual world. These threats are real and if not managed competently may endanger the proper functioning and security of cities and countries. NEC offers a complete array of solutions to governments and enterprises to protect themselves from the threats of digital disruption.

By leveraging on the right solutions, governments will be forewarned of security threats and can thus make preparations to face these threats. Forewarning, however, can only be made possible by having the necessary data and the ability to analyze the data.

Together with our partners, NEC offers more typical IT security solutions, such as network security implementations that set up firewalls, intrusion-detection sensors, and intrusion-prevention measures. Hardening networks to prevent hacking or virus attacks is a field in which NEC has extensive experience.
What constitutes a cyber attack?

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