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Open Optical Transport

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Open Optical Transport [02:41]

NEC will promote openness in optical transport and help foster innovation.
In the world today, digital technologies such as the IoT, which connects people and things, AI, which extends intelligence, and systems that highly integrate cyberspace and the real world are developing rapidly. New and completely different products and services are emerging, and networks are beginning to transform to adapt to them. Openness plays a vital role in the evolution of optical transport. NEC deepens open, collaborative relationships with various stakeholders and builds a multi-vendor ecosystem to realize safe and secure optical networks available anytime and anywhere, right when needed. We provide optimal networks for our customers by maximizing the technology and expertise cultivated in network and computer system development, integrating communications and computers, virtualization, linkage with AI, and operational sophistication in our open optical transport systems.

White papers

This white paper focuses on optical networks and describes the future of networks, the progress and challenges of openness in the field, and the value NEC provides.

This white paper describes how openness will be implemented and NEC's solutions.

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