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In addition, creating BOM and BOP by design and production engineering department respectively and verifying the productivity concurrently will enable them to provide early feedback to design department, and as a result it will lead to the improvements in quality, cost and delivery and reduction in rework.
Thereafter, M-BOM can be created effectively based on E-BOM and BOP. This results in shorter lead time with respect to the series of processes from product design to production preparation.

The diagram below specifically shows the flow of concurrent product design and production preparation operations. E-BOM, M-BOM, BOP, and various data including 3D data and respective tools are aligned and connected with each other. However due to complicated relationship of the data, design operations are carried out considering the consistency of data based on PLM and reflecting the changes correctly. We believe that this will promote concurrency.

In this column, we have introduced a use case and our approach to strengthening dynamic capabilities by using PLM for the manufacturing industry, where the business environment is changing dramatically due to various factors. We hope that this column will support the companies which are facing these challenges.