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Relationship between BOM and BOP

In this section, we will explain about the BOM and BOP through our "Obbligato" solution. First of all, various BOMs such as engineering BOM (Hereafter, E-BOM), procurement BOM, manufacturing BOM (Hereafter, M-BOM), service BOM that changes according to the business applications along the engineering chain can be managed centrally as integrated BOM and connected smoothly with related IT systems such as SCM system, procurement system etc.

Furthermore, by reflecting the change contents reliably across the PLM system, BOM will become the core data for connecting the engineering chain firmly, even if any change occurs.

For example, even in case of E-BOM and M-BOM, the form of BOM will differ depending on the business application. In particular, in order to resolve the issues such as inconsistencies in the information that occurs when the engineering site and manufacturing site are physically separated or when there are multiple manufacturing sites, the M-BOM which is created in the form of digital data is communicated to the manufacturing site, and if engineering changes occur thereafter, it becomes necessary to ensure that the changes are reflected in the different form of BOMs.
Linking E-BOM and M-BOM successfully in this way is the key to shortening the product development lead time.

Recently, the needs for BOP have been increasing in addition to BOM. This is because intermediate products added to the M-BOM, so-called stock points, are set in consideration of the manufacturing process. In this case, it will not be connected smoothly to the M-BOM, if the output of the process design is not digitalized.

Furthermore, recently, efforts toward establishing smart factories are progressing, and BOP which is the master data of 5M (Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement) is required, in order to communicate 5M information directly to the manufacturing site through MES. As shown in this figure, BOP systematically manages 5M information including processes and resources in the form of digital data.

BOP provides a detailed understanding of how manufacturing is being carried out at each manufacturing site and it also enables rapid traceability if any problem occurs. In addition, variations in manufacturing methods standardizing BOP for manufacturing at global level which will be called as "Standard BOP".