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R&D Locations

Social solutions bringing the world together
1,000 researchers carry out activities at nine laboratories around the world

NEC has research laboratories all over the world. Each region engages in close collaboration as we create new core technologies. Another distinctive characteristic is that we have prepared various environments to make it easier to generate the ideas necessary for research.

Open system leveraging strengths of all researchers

Listening to a lot of brainstorming irrespective of rank is a distinctive characteristic shared by NEC laboratories. There is also an open research system in place with many relaxing environments for coming up with ideas.

Global and dynamic research organization

Experts from each field come together at our nine laboratories to promote research activities that leverage the characteristics of each region. In fiscal 2013, we opened a new laboratory in Singapore. We engage flexibly in co-creation activities with local customers and have launched activities as a new type of laboratory that promptly creates solutions.

Tamagawa Factor (Kawasaki City)

  • Data analytics
  • ICT systems
  • Information/media processing
  • Communications, processing
  • Sensing/actuation platforms
  • Energy management

Tsukuba Lab (Tsukuba City)

  • Energy components
  • Functional materials
  • Low power devices

Sagamihara Factory (Sagamihara City)

  • Energy components

NEC Laboratories America (Princeton/Cupertino in US)

  • Data Science
  • Computer Security
  • Systems Research
  • Machine Learning
  • Optical Networking & Sensing
  • Mobile Communications & Networking
  • Integrated Systems
  • Media Analytics
  • Energy Management

NEC Laboratories Europe (Heidelberg, Germany/London, England)

  • 5G Networks
  • Software Defined Networking(SDN)
  • Network Data Analytics
  • Industry SDN Solutions
  • Communication Standards
  • Security/Privacy/Trust Platform
  • Internet of Things Platform
  • Safety Solutions
  • Public Transport Solutions
  • Smart Industry Solutions

NEC Laboratories China (Beijing, China)

  • Spatio-temporal Date Analytics for Air Pollution Solution
  • Sensing Technology for Elderly Care Solution
  • Learning-based Optimization Research and Applications
  • Wireless communication network

NEC Laboratories Singapore (Singapore)

  • Public Safety
  • Cyber Security
  • Public Transportation
  • Healthcare

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