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Product Overview

WebOTX leading-edge technology provides for high performance and supports the dynamic business model of the organizations

Cloud computing, which is receiving particular attention as a new IT trend, is revolutionizing businesses and society. In addition, high reliability that ensures stable operations, the flexibility to quickly handle changes, and practical use of leading-edge technologies are required for enterprise systems due to the quickly changing business environment, emergence of new collaborative services, and growing e-businesses.

WebOTX is designed to handle the arrival of the cloud computing age, SaaS, and virtualization. Based on leading-edge technologies and an abundance of proven results, WebOTX helps set up systems that are always available, are adaptable to change, and utilize leading-edge technologies to achieve a new kind of business and new way of living.

What is WebOTX? Prompt development of leading-edge services

New technologies, information, information devices, and information networks, including multimedia services, NGNs, RFID systems, sensors, smart cards, cameras, and mobile devices, are appearing every day. To avoid missing out on business opportunities, these new items must be quickly incorporated into corporate systems. However, trying to build new components from scratch by using these technologies can slowdown the business.

Up until now, information systems have been optimized according to their purpose or organization, but overall optimization is becoming necessary to handle the speed of changes in the business environment. It is likely that, for overall enterprise system optimization, systems will increasingly progressed by using service-oriented architectures (SOA) that combine services and construct systems. In addition, being able to promptly incorporate the above sorts of new items into systems will become increasingly important.

WebOTX develops middleware for promptly incorporating NGN service configuration infrastructures, RFID, sensors, and smart cards, into enterprise systems. WebOTX greatly assists companies in revolutionizing their business.

What is WebOTX? Flexible SOA-based system, which is adaptable to changes

The environments surrounding businesses and society, such as changes in market needs, compliance with laws, and changes in business processes, are always changing at a faster rate, and it is necessary to efficiently and quickly update the information systems to incorporate these changes.

Furthermore, the emergence of cloud computing produced a new way to use some information systems, which were conventionally owned by individual corporations as services provided through the network from the outside. The environment surrounding information systems is rapidly becoming diverse and complex in other ways as well, therefore flexibility is essential to combine and utilize various systems inside and outside an enterprise, based on the service-oriented architecture (SOA).

WebOTX provides front-end and back-end infrastructures to flexibly integrate various systems in enterprises and society, and makes enterprise and social activities efficient through the timely adaption to environment changes, and effective usage of the systems.

What is WebOTX? Secure system based on highly reliable system infrastructure

Information, which is increasing in amount and becoming more diverse, and the information systems required to handle such information are now related not only to the enterprise activities but also social activities, and it is not an exaggeration to state that it is of high importance for enterprise businesses and people's lives.

Information systems are directly or indirectly used by a wide range by people within the enterprise or outside the enterprise. In other words, disruption of the information system is equivalent to disruption of the enterprise and social activities with a serious effect on society.

Furthermore, in today's cloud environment, multiple information systems exist in the same data center or on the same server making the system configuration more complex. The effects that information systems have on enterprises and society are becoming larger and larger, and the reliability on such systems is becoming increasingly important.

WebOTX provides highly reliable and secure system infrastructures for cloud environments in response to the diversification of technologies used in services, such as online jobs and batch jobs, as well as the Internet and NGNs.

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