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Product Line

The following table provides general description of the WebOTX product line for informational purpose only.

Please consult your regional NEC representative for actual product offering and ordering information.

Product name Overview Category
WebOTX Application Server

Application Server product for high reliability web business system.

  • Support critical application system with mainframe high reliability.
  • Support the latest open technologies such as Java EE, Web Service, CORBA, .NET.
  • Provide high-productivity development environment.
  • Provide long-term support and high cost effectiveness.
  • Support from small system to large-scale core business system.
Application Server
WebOTX Batch Server

Batch Server product providing the execution environment of the Java batch applications.

Application Server
WebOTX Portal

Service Execution Platform product supporting system reliability, flexibility and high performance.

  • Interface with high operability by integrating several web system GUIs.
  • Flexible UI expansion to affilications / jobs / authorities of users.
WebOTX Enterprise Service Bus

Enterprise Service Bus product providing advanced SOA platform.

  • Support the latest technology standards such as JBI and Web Services.
  • Support integration of new and legacy system including mainframes.
  • Provide operation/development environment with easy definition of business process and composite services.
  • High performance message transformation
  • Realize high reliability and high performance with "WebOTX Application Server"
Enterprise Service Bus
WebOTX Administrator

Administration product for WebOTX.

  • Provide integrated administration console which enables viewing and administration of all resources in one console.
Administration Tool
WebOTX Developer

Development Environment product for WebOTX.

  • Eclipse based integrated development environment provides high productivity and usability.
Development Environment

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