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Case study about " Java-Based Batch Processing ".

NEC helps Yokohama City to achieve a stable and efficient Java-based batch processing of large-volume data on an open, standardized information sharing platform.

WebOTX  module "Batch Server "is now released.

WebOTX Batch Server (WebOTX BS) is the Java batch application platform which executes Java batch application efficiently. Please visit product page to get further information.

Case studies update - Nagasaki City

Case study about " Open Shared Platform ".

NEC builds an open shared platform to help Nagasaki City in optimizing and improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and developing better citizen services.

NEC officially released WebOTX Portal, one of the series of WebOTX products providing the integrated user interface and GUIs. WebOTX Portal supports change layout of the web window very easily and integrates maltiple systems on single window. Without any complicated administration tools, portal site can be created flexibly and rapidly from user interface.

Service Execution Platform "WebOTX"

WebOTX is designed to handle the arrival of the cloud computing age, SaaS, and virtualization. WebOTX is based on leading-edge technologies and customer proven results to helps implement systems that are always available, adaptable to change, and utilize leading-edge technologies to achieve new business models and services.

As next-generation networks (NGNs) are accelerating the ubiquitous spread of information, the number of new services is also increasing at an accelerating rate, as represented by rapidly expanding e-business and merged services that put cellular phones to use.

It has also become important for companies to set up infrastructure for new services, quickly process large amounts of information, and integrate and manage such information. In particular, services and information are important for creating new businesses or strengthening existing ones, and enterprise IT infrastructures must incorporate a modern service execution infrastructure for prompt deployment and execution of services that provide high value-add, as well as a way to manage, integrate and utilize large amounts of diverse information.

WebOTX Highlights


WebOTX provides powerful assistance to evolving businesses looking to deploy new business services. WebOTX provides service components that can be readily applied to new technologies and devices such as SIP and RFID, as well as a flexible service integration infrastructure.


WebOTX makes it possible to handle business processes in real time by processing a large amount of information at high speed. WebOTX provides the infrastructure that can integrate and process information in real-time and also scale with the increasing information volume due to expanding services.


WebOTX provides a highly reliable execution platform to enable stable operation of enterprise systems. In addition to the proven fault tolerance, WebOTX provides a highly reliable infrastructure to accommodate faults in other systems by performing automatic resource adjustments that utilize leading-edge grid technologies.

WebOTX Advantages

WebOTX has proven results. WebOTX has been installed in over 20,000 systems since NEC started selling WebOTX in 1998.

High performance and high reliability

WebOTX thoroughly incorporates online transaction processing (OLTP) technology proven for mainframes to achieve stable service operations. This technology prevents a system from going down or slowed down due to high transaction volume. Even if a failure occurs, WebOTX can minimize damage through prompt fault detection and automatic recovery.

Support for standard specifications

WebOTX is among leaders to support Java EE 5 specification. By using reusable components, the productivity and maintainability of applications can be improved and systems can be set up promptly. In addition, applications and various package products that conform to open standards can be used as is.

High productivity

WebOTX provides an Eclipse-based integrated Java development environment that enables the efficient development of various applications according to the standard specifications. In addition, because a testing server is bundled with the development environment, it is possible to seamlessly develop, debug, and test applications.

Prompt service integration

Diverse services such as Web services, EJBs, and mainframes exist in many corporate systems. The service bus provided by WebOTX mediates interactions between the services by making their communication protocols and message formats compatible. Because this eliminates the need to implement custom integration and conversion logic for systems, the development effort is decreased.

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