Professional Support

Expert NEC Engineers offer cutting-edge Professional Support in solving current problems and work hand-in-hand with clients to deliver optimal network modernization.
Through this services, CAPEX and OPEX can be reduced and network quality improved.

NEC Professional Support can deliver real benefits to the operator:

  • Optimal network quality
  • Enabling an extended portfolio of multimedia services
  • Migration to next-generation networks

NEC's Professional Support offers:

  1. Network Planning and Link Design
  2. Network Optimization
  3. Network Quality Management
  4. NMS and DCN Design and Planning
  5. Cutting-edge Technical Consulting

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Network Planning and Link Design

NEC undertakes design of client's backhaul networks utilizing expert skills and advanced software, in accordance with the latest ITU standards.

Network Optimization

NEC will help to optimize overall network quality and reliability by quick resolution of problem links and streamlining networks by removing bottlenecks.
Network optimization helps operators reduce operating cost, improve network serviceability and consequently increase revenue as well as subscriber satisfaction.

Network Quality Management

NEC verifies actual link performance, comparing it to the original design specification. Future upgradability options are indicated when a link has sufficient margins vis-a-vis the original calculations.
Advanced quality monitoring options are available by Alarm Forwarding software which keeps downtime to an absolute minimum, by automatically sending early warning and/or real-time alarms to the mobile phone or PC of maintenance engineers.

NMS, DCN Design and Planning

NEC provides support for DCN design by analysis of DCN traffic models together with best-fit selection/configuration of required equipment (modem, hybrid, router, etc.). NEC also helps in centralizing NMS configuration/design including network topology and planning (i.e. grouping) as well as selecting the suitable network element (NE) type, etc.

Cutting-edge Technical Consulting

NMS integration

NEC provides support for upper NMS integration utilizing SNMP interfaces and MIB information disclosure as well as development.

IP migration

In the near future, most of the traffic will be carried by IP packet. Existing access networks need to be modernized to be suitable for carrying more IP traffic. NEC will support Customers modernization program to ensure smooth TDM to IP network migration by advising modification of existing network and upgrading of corresponding equipment.