NEC's communications products are being deployed in countries and enterprises where safe and secure communications is regarded as one of the top priorities in this age of information society.
Even after delivery, NEC provides honest and sincere customer support for equipment maintenance, such as FW upgrades, to commit to the customers as their lifelong partner.


Equipment durability and continued stable communications enhance end user confidence in the service provider and also contribute to reduced OpEX.
PASOLINK series has maintained the industry's highest level of MTBF since the first product launch in 1984.

“Giving utmost attention to simplest things like no one else.”

As the slogan (above) at NEC's Fukushima Plant tells, we pride ourselves with this endeavor to build a telecommunications device that provides the means of telecommunications without fail.
This has enabled us to deliver devices that can stably and reliably provide connectivity in a variety of environment around the world.

This is how we demonstrate our good faith to our valued customers.