During the manufacturing of PASOLINKs since 1984, numerous challenges were surmounted and continued efforts were being made to introduce new technologies and reduce costs at the Fukushima plant to maintain the "Made in Japan" quality.

In addition to implementation of sophisticated IoT technologies, everyone at the assembly line has set personal improvement goals to maximize efficiency, agility and leanness to manufacture high quality products that satisfy customer expectations demanded of NEC.

People are the greatest asset to NEC.

Technologies advance on a daily basis, but it up to the skills and knowledge of the individuals acquired throughout the years to make use of them.

The MIC (microwave integrated circuit) used in PASOLINK is made possible through the fusion of automated machinery and skilled hands of professionals.
For example, the 10Gbs transmission rate of the iPASOLINK EX Advanced is made possible through skilled hands with 10+ years experiences.
The experiences and knowledge of the professionals are accumulated in a database and applied to automation.
These know-hows are carried over to the next-generation of professionals through training and qualification, and also utilized in the production of robots.

The art of making things is a life-long endeavor, evolving over the accumulation of knowledge and skills.

All for the delivery of better products to the customer, NEC continues its pursuit for excellence.