The Platform for new innovationsNEC Unified Network Management System (UNMS) is an advanced network management platform designed to provide operators with comprehensive tools for the administering, operating, monitoring and provisioning of their NEC network products.

NEC UNMS offers L1/L2 Path management function that has been designed to be intuitive and reduce the timeto-configure of paths and sections for the network operators. Backhaul Resource Manager (BRM) function, dynamically to control and optimize the network is accommodated.
UNMS collects and displays performance measures both in real-time and historical. It also provides report function tool that allows the operator to generate meaningful reports regarding the network performance.
Network Elements can be configured remotely while security is maintained by employing enhanced security functions and protocols.

Typical system configuration of NEC’s unified NMS solution

Geographic Redundancy
Geographic Redundancy

Allows for hot-standby redundancy that minimize risk of single point of failure (SPOF) on the system.

Large Capacity

UNMS Large capacity

Designed to handle large number of users and network elements.

Centralized Network View

unms main image

A single map for the whole net work.
UNMS can monitor and manage all EMS/NE in one centralized map.
Client to access to only UNMS for all required management.

Robust Enhanced Security

Enhanced security feature is applied including server-client connection with minimal ports, and customer can define password policy.

Easy Install

Install wizards to be utilized for easy installation. In addition, minimum middleware is applied to realize its easiness of installation.

Bulk Setting

Bulk setting is available for firmwar e/software, equipment parameters for easy operation.

L1/L2 Path Management

module design

End-end path creation and provisioning with minimum wizard and magnificent user friendly interface.

L2 Path Dynamic Re-Routing

Backhaul Resource Manager (BRM)

Path computing traffic optimization

Comprehensive Reporting Function

Utilization, inventory reports are available, including graphical manner.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

UNMS helps operator to check PMON, RMON, Metering and additional data in real-time.

Remote Alarm Notification

This feature helps specified users to get notification e-mail when pre-registered Events/Alarms are occurred.

Forward EMS Alarm logs to UpperOSS.

Clock Management

Clock Management

Clock synchronization path of NE can be displayed.

A section connecting the PTP endpoints of Clock synchronization path is automatically registered.

SDN Orchestration


UNMS integrates with the SDN orchestrator.


SDN features supported by UNMS.