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iPASOLINK Split Mount Type

Converged Packet RadioNEC's Intelligent Converged Platform is designed to meet the capacity, topology, flexibility and intelligence requirements of next-generation mobile backhaul. It comprises the evolution of NEC's mobile backhaul solution portfolio and it builds on NEC's global market leadership.

The Core of the Intelligent Converged Platform

iPASOLINK Backhaul


  • 2048 QAM
  • 1 Gbps Interface
  • Switch capacity 16 Gbps
  • Fanless
  • Low power consumption


  • 4096 QAM
  • 10 Gbps Interface
  • Switch capacity 80 Gbps


  • 4096 QAM
  • 10 Gbps Interface
  • Switch capacity 104Gbps

iPASOLINK VR - All-around Microwave / Optical Transporter -

Type IAG3 and type IAP3 ODU are masterpieces of quality and performance in units much smaller, lighter and energy efficient than ever before. Please click for further information.


NEC provides a number of high performance and cost effective antenna for use with iPASOLINK split mount radios depending on customer requirements.  Please contact us for further information.