Service KPI AnalyzerNetwork Capacity and Function Remote Reconfiguration

Analysis, Diagnosis, Consulting, Planning

system configuration
System Configuration

The Service KPI Analyzer (SKA) provides your network with routine health care, analyzes and diagnoses many different conditions including insufficiencies of radio capacities and problems with the natural variability of propagation phenomena, and futhermore suggests how to deal with their conditions.

Key Features

Advanced Functions

Trouble Analysis

This function not only automatically estimates a main factor of each problem caused by the natural variability of propagation phenomena but also visually displays the results of the analysis including occurrence time and the elapsed time together with trouble shooting instructions.

Listing of NE crossing threshold

This function enables you not only to confirm Ethernet usage but also to automatically identify which NEs have already crossed the threshold of the Ethernet usage rate and the occurrence of QoS frames discarded by transmission queues.

You can investigate necessity of radio capacity expansion by referring to statistics data.

Ethernet Usage Report

This function automatically provides you with recommendation for the upgrade by analyzing network data.

Upgrade Recommendation

You can relocate function keys based on the key information stored in the SKA to NEs within DCN.
You can extract function keys from NEs within DCN and store the SKA with the key information relevant to the extracted function keys.

Function Key Relocation, Extraction & Storage

Key Benefits

Key benefits

Basic Functions

  • Software key update
    Current key relocation, extraction & storage