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Full Packet Radio

Easy & Simple Deployment for Packet Radio Solution


iPASOLINK SX is an all-outdoor, advanced IP radio with integrated antenna that operates in the 60Ghz band. Designed for the challenges of small cell deployment, it’s reduced, integrated form factor makes it ideal for mounting on non-telecoms structures such as building walls and street lighting and it’s short link distance gives higher link densities and simpler frequency planning.

Cognizant of the economics of the new last mile, the iPASOLINK SX design concept reduces operational and maintenance costs with single technician lifts, use of generally license-free spectrum and rapid installation.


Unlicensed frequency band (59-63GHz)

  • Spectrum license free in most countries)

High spectrum efficiency

  • QPSK to 256QAM adaptive modulation (Hitless)

Easy deployment

  • Zero foot print
  • Low power consumption
  • Quick installation & Provisioning
  • Easy maintenance
  • All-in-one integrated Antenna

High reliability

  • Advanced error collection (LDPC)

Man-machine interface

  • Browser based user interface with GUI.
  • In-band NMS

Frequency Band

  • 59 - 63GHz

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