iPASOLINK EX Advanced / iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual

Full Packet All-in-one Radio

Full Giga Bit Connection

Application to Mobile Backhaul/Fronthaul

80GHz band high capacity, high speed wireless transport system provides unique wireless entrance solution with scalability. It can serve as a backhaul link between base stations (macro/small cells), or as a high capacity, low latency fronthaul link between baseband unit (BBU) and remote radio-head (RRH), whose needs are manifestly growing.

iPASOLINK EX Case study Liverpool City AustraliaMulti Band Utilization Solution
Both microwave and millimeter wave solutions can be deployed simultaneously to enhance link availability.
For high capacity, millimeter wave radio can be established as the primary link. When the weather is not clear, microwave radio can provide the link, which is more immune to degraded weather conditions.

Replacement/Complement to Fiber optics

iPASOLINK EX Advanced can be deployed in place of fiber optics where installation is difficult, such as rivers, lakes, railroads, parks, roads (public, toll), or in island regions, national parks, mountain regions, where fiber deployment is prohibitive.

iPASOLINK EX river solution

Backup Transport for Fiber Loss

It is possible to rapidly deploy iPASOLINK EX Advanced as a temporary transport system in case river floods and other disasters damage fibers between disaster-stricken areas. For added protection where such outages are expected, wireless transport system can be installed permanently for redundancy, minimizing network failures.