iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual

Full Packet All-in-one Radio

Realistic Alternative to Fiber for 10/20Gbps transmission

The iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual realizes industry-leading 20Gbps link by two RF channel capacity features on single box with a lightweight, compact squared enclosure.

All outdoor, high capacity, multi-function, low latency, and compact iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual caters to mobile operators that provide 5G services, as well as other customers demanding reliable and high capacity transmission for epoch-making services. iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual can meet various network expansion demands with flexibility, agility, and lower cost compared to optical fibers, with high reliability that satisfies demanding customers and supports their business. NEC's radio can also assure the lowest failure rate in the industry, maintaining long-lasting stable operation and lowest total cost of ownership.


Rapid and cost-effective 20Gbps deployment

iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual is NEC‘s first wireless equipment to offer 20Gbps capacity in a single box. It provides capacity that is equivalent to optical fiber, while enabling faster, more flexible deployment at a lower initial investment cost. This new product features a Cross Polarization Interference Canceller (XPIC) function in a single box, which eliminates the need for assembly of the equipment, as well as an Orthomode Transducer (OMT). Moreover, it can be easily installed on rooftops and utility poles without reinforcement, making it ideal for public venues operated by cities. Furthermore, customers can easily expand their existing networks or rapidly build independent networks.

Overturning the image of E-band during Precipitation with AMBR

 AMBR (Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio) is a technology that improves robustness in the packet transmission environment by utilizing thermal threshold difference between modulation hierarchies, such as QPSK to 512QAM. For instance, when intensive rain causes receiving level attenuation, AMBR improves link availability by the automatic and error-free selection of modulation states or bandwidths to lower BER thresholds.

Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio

Built-in Packet functions for an all IP network

Feature-rich integrated Packet switches with carrier-grade capabilities for Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) and Hierarchical Quality of Service (H-QoS) or more, as well as support for a traffic aggregation function across various layers. The traffic control optimized for the radio bandwidth by the packet functions enable high-performance, high-capacity wireless network services.

Multi Traffic Aggregation

Frequency Band

  • 71 - 76GHz / 81 - 86 GHz FDD