Full Packet All-in-one Radio

Realistic Alternative to Fiber for 10Gbps transmission


In a lightweight, compact 23cm squared enclosure, iPASOLINK EX Advanced realizes industry-leading 10Gbps single link capacity features.

All outdoor, high capacity, multi-function, low latency, and compact iPASOLINK EX Advanced caters to mobile operators that provide LTE Advanced and 5G services, as well as other customers demanding reliable and high capacity transmission for epoch-making services.

iPASOLINK EX Advanced can cope with various network expansion demands, whether unexpected or scheduled, with flexibility, agility, and lower cost compared to optical fibers, with matching reliability that satisfies demanding customers and supports their business.

Moreover, NEC's radio equipment boasts the lowest failure rate in the industry, maintaining long-lasting stable operation and high cost-efficiency.


Rapid and Low-Cost 10Gbps Deployment

iPASOLINK EX Advanced is NEC's first wireless equipment to offer 10Gbps capacity.  It gives optical fibers a run for their money, with faster and flexible deployment with lower initial investment. It promotes expansion of customers' networks or rapid buildouts of independent networks.

Overturning the image of E-band during Precipitation with AMBR

AMBR (Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio)

iPASOLINK EX Advanced maximizes transmission capacity of the 80GHz spectrum with AMBR (Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio). End users benefit from the fast and stable 10Gbps transmission, increasing customer satisfaction. When the full 10Gbps capacity is not available, AMBR will maintain the link and transmit high priority traffic.

Compact and Lightweight Body to Leverage All-Outdoor Design

The value of all-outdoor design is maximized by the compactness and light weight (< 3.5kg) of the iPASOLINK EX Advanced.  It can be installed easily on rooftops or poles without reinforcements. Public venues such as stadiums are good examples where the easy installation is beneficial. iPASOLINK EX Advanced supports flexible network design with minimal installation costs.

Built-in Packet functions for an all IP network

Feature-rich integrated Packet switches with carrier-grade capabilities for Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) and Hierarchical Quality of Service (H-QoS) or more. The traffic control optimized for the radio bandwidth by the packet functions enable high-performance, high-capacity wireless network services.

Frequency Band

  • 71 - 76GHz / 81 - 86GHz FDD