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iPASOLINK iX Advanced

6-42 GHz All-Outdoor Radio

Wide frequency band support for short-to-long transmission

The iPASOLINK iX Advanced (iX/A) is a high-capacity, long-range all-outdoor radio communication equipment with rich Ethernet features and compatibility with a wide range of frequencies in the 6-42GHz bands. Thanks to its compact and flexible modular design, it can accommodate a variety of configuration options without taking up valuable real-estate.

iPASOLINK Advanced topoloty and photo

Highest-order multi-level adaptive modulation (4096QAM) implementation

The iPASOLINK iX/A supports modulation of up to 4096QAM, one of the highest levels available for an outdoor solution. Compared to CS56MHz/256QAM, 4096QAM with the same channel spacing achieves 50% more capacity, and when used together with XPIC/RTA, raw capacity in excess of 1Gbps can be achieved.

Main features

  • Wide frequency band support for short-to-long transmission
    Flexible & High performance
    QPSK to 4096QAM with hitless AMR
    High Power output ODU support
    Feature-rich integrated switch with ERPS and H-QoS
  • Telecom-ready Timing support: SyncE, PTP
  • Space, time and cost saving with compact, lightweight and quick installation

 Features  Specifications
 Frequency Range  6 to 42 GHz
 Channel Separation  7/14/28/40/56 MHz
 Modulation  QPSK to 4096 QAM
 Maximum Link Capacity  1.36 Gbps (CS 56MHz w/XPIC)
 Interface (3 ports)  GbE OPT and ELE

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