Outdoor BR Combiner for 5G backhaul

iPASOLINK series

Outdoor BR Combiner is a radio channel combiner and divider that has many evolutional features as follows.

Outdoor BR Combiner - 2nd Gene.


The Outdoor BR Combiner 2nd Generation (OBC2) is the industry's highest-capacity outdoor module capable of achieving multiple channels, with a high-capacity radio link in a lightweight, compact combiner and divider with many advanced features. The all-outdoor, high-capacity, flexible radio channel arrangement and compact OBC2 meets the needs of mobile operators providing 5G services and other customers who require high-capacity transmission in the reliable microwave band for innovative services.

OBC2 Features

    • Building block mechanisms for easily expanding one or more RF channels in the field while minimizing space requirements
    • Variable 2 up to 8 ODUs in one OBC2, Separate OBC2 cascading option available
    • Flexible channels assignment
  • Low insertion loss & Low PIM distortion
    • High Modulation capable (to 4096QAM)
    • Dual polarization configuration supported
    • Realization of throughput approaching 10Gbps
    • Additional SD system available
    • Full outdoor and all weather proof function
  • Maintenance free
  • High reliability and long life design

Advantage of Building Block Mechanism


The OBC2 provides following benefits that could not be achieved with a traditional multi-core outdoor unit. 

    • High flexibility in frequency channel selection. Flexible configuration of ACCP and / or ACAP within a band.
  • High scalability of expansion in the field. Provides

    • a flexible expansion environment, reducing the capital investment impact during expanding.
  • Provides superior transmit power. Even when the number of channels is increased, the system is not constrained by power reduction per channel.


Outdoor BR Combiner - 1st Gene.

Outdoor BR Combiner Remarkable Features

  • 2 to 8 ODUs in one Outdoor BR Combiner
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low PIM distortion
  • Full outdoor all weather proof function
  • Building block mechanism to increase from one RF channel in field
  • Flexible channels assignment
  • Modulation free
  • 2.5Gbps full throughput with 10GbE
  • Zero footprint
  • Maintenance free
  • High reliability and long life design
  • Additional SD system available
  • Short construction period
Outdoor BR Combiner Upgradable
Outdoor BR Combiner Core Unit & Affinity