4-11GHz High Capacity Long-haul IP Microwave Radio

Powerful and Flexible Radio

The 7000iP trunk radio is designed from the ground up with NEC’s latest technologies to cope with new and emerging demands in the era of smartphones and 4G/5G. High order modulation schemes such as 2048QAM and 8-channel aggregation realize transmission in excess of one Gbps, providing huge capacity boost in the long-haul. The 7000iP is equipped with a pair of 10GbE interfaces and up to 16x1GbE interfaces connected to an advanced L2 switch for efficient packet processing.


NEC opted to use a more flexible 19 inch rack instead of ETSI rack. Design optimization of RF CKT (main transceiver + SD receiver) realized 50% reduction in size compared to earlier models.

In addition, BB CKT and RF CKT can be installed separately, enabling efficient use of site spaces. No more worries on where to install the circuits.

All outdoor soltuion

Due to size reductions, full outdoor installation can be considered. Small outdoor cabinets equipped with battery and dehydrator can be proposed with renewable energy sources such as solar battery and windmill, eliminating barriers to installations outdoors.

Capacity Upgrade

With support of up to 2048 QAM, capacity increase of 60% (28-30MHz) to 110%(40MHz) can be achieved in the same band (relative to STM-1) Capacity can be increased without changing antenna size, waveguides, positions, etc., contributing to significant CAPEX reduction.


Wide band and high capacity

  • 16-20 RF channels in one band
  • High modulation scheme
  • Multiple bands configuration

Various interfaces

  • Ethernet interface
    • 10/1GbE optical
    • GbE electrical
  • TDM interface
    • E1 (native/PWE)
    • STM-1
  • xWDM interface
    • CWDM (GbE, 10GbE, STM-1)

High reliability

  • Main card redundant
  • Radio protection
  • Ethernet protection
  • TDM protection

High functional packet switch

TDM MUX function

Compact foot print

Heavy duty under any conditions