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Advanced Performance Analytics for Transport Network

AI services to support planning & operation of large-scale network

NEC has developed this AI solution to improve efficiencies of network planning and O&M in mobile backhaul field, which will be in service in 2018. In the future, we further develop this technology to cover trouble analysis and network optimization, and in 2020, we aim at achieving automated network operation solution.

NEC’s AI Solution/Service Menus

Telecom carriers receive massive amount of logs from vast quantities of network equipment everyday. NEC the WISE, a group of AI technologies, enables efficient utilization of such information for predictive analysis, and now ready to be offered as a solution to optimize our customers' operation.

This solution has been created by NEC with the expertise of telecommunication nurtured through history as a communication equipment vendor and that of AI obtained through over 500 of use cases.

It contains various menus and operates on Advanced Analytics Cloud, a platform of NEC the WISE.

The following are the characteristics:

  • Detailed analysis applicable separately for each network equipment irrespective of equipment count
  • Available for advanced technologies such as 4G/5G and newly added devices with a function to analyze with minimum data
  • Arrangement of AI specialist team with essential analytics expertise
  • Packaged in service menus, provided swiftly and with few risks

Advanced Performance Analytics for Transport Network

Network Design: Demand Forecast

From order placement of network equipment until delivery, it generally takes three months of lead time. Telecom carriers therefore predict demands a few months ahead and plan order schedules.

To predict such needs, NEC utilizes a white box AI engine, Heterogeneous Mixture Learning in NEC Advanced Analytics Cloud, a platform of NEC the WISE. NEC's traffic prediction achieved more than 97% accuracy, that is over 1.2 times accurate than competitors.

NEC offers a service menu called Demand Forecast which enables over 4 times accurate order placement taking into account lead times and available inventories. With this service, carriers are now able to optimize inventory and license key managements, by reducing placements of surplus orders and avoiding stockout of network equipment.

Net work design with NEC WISE

Operation: Preventive Maintenance

Network equipment is located nation-wide, and service quality deterioration occurs frequently, which is recorded as packet loss in 10-40% of devices in operation. When it occurs, an alert is sent and maintenance team has to handle reactively. In mobile backhaul field where massive amount of devices are managed, reactive maintenance consumes human resources and costs.

NEC has created an AI solution to predict packet loss volume of 2-3 months ahead. This solution suggests devices which should be prioritized for maintenance with over 80% accuracy, and contributes to decision making on maintenance plans and upgrading.

NEC delivers a telecom carrier's operation team lists of devices which should be prioritize for maintenance based on packet loss volume. The operation team then simulates and optimizes regular maintenance plans which enables preventive maintenance. The implementation of this service promises increase of maintenance efficiency by 3-15 times.

Operation, Preventive maintenance

Maintenance: Advanced Trouble Analysis

When an alert occurs, the operation team identifies the failed part, investigates the causes, and explores measures. They decide and take measures through flexible application of their expertise based on operational environment such as their network configuration, weather, etc. along with information from network equipment vendors.

NEC has integrated expertise as a network equipment vendor and of AI and created a solution of trouble cause analysis. AI application enables generation of trouble cause analysis models separately for each equipment or for each customer. This service can reduces time for analysis and workload of maintenance staff, supporting swift and efficient operation.

Automated trouble cause and measure analysis enable automatic failure recovery, leading to flexible and efficient network automation.