NEC State of the Art Technology


1 Gbps transport with single channel

1Gbps transport is possible with single channel configuration, reducing initial investment cost and running cost. Installation is also simplified.

512QAM 56 MHz 1Gbps transport

1Gbps transport with 512QAM requires XPIC + Compressor, meaning (one dual polarized antenna + 2 ODUs) x 2

2048QAM 56MHz 1Gbps transport

with 2048QAM, the requirement is reduced to XPIC only, meaning (one dual polarized antenna + 2 ODUs) x2

2048QAM 112MHz 1Gbps transport

With 4096QAM and 112MHz, 1Gbps transport is realized with only (one single polarized Antenna + 1 ODU) x 2

10 Gbps wireless transport

10Gbps Transport by 112MHz

10Gbps from fiber links can also be transport over radio with the new modulation scheme and various capacity expansion techniques.