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NEC's wireless transport solution


High Quality Smart Radio

The growing adoption of 4G and beyond mobile wireless service, is challenging the mobile service providers with the need of rapidly deploying high speed, flexible, scalable and highly reliable backhaul with CAPEX and OPEX optimized for ensuring least TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and high network performance. NEC has been in the forefront of developing and providing high field proven, reliable wireless backhaul solutions through NEC's PASOLINK series of Microwave Radios, for service providers all over the world.


3 million mark of PASOLINK series

Press Release

Feb.25, 2019 : NEC releases "NEC Multiband Radio Solution" white paper

Dec.19, 2018 : NEC successfully demonstrates real-time digital OAM mode multiplexing transmission in the 80GHz-band for the first time

Nov.15, 2018 : Spirit Telecom selects NEC's 10Gbps radio solution

Nov.1, 2018 : NEC expands broadband availability in Sweden with the iPASOLINK EX-Advanced Radio

Oct.11, 2018 : Major technology firms in California’s Silicon Valley are upgrading to NEC’s iPASOLINK EX Advanced radio

Mar.26, 2018 : MegaFon and NEC test Artificial Intelligence (AI) for planning and maintenance of transport network resources

Feb.22, 2018 : NEC uses AI to optimize inventory and maintenance with highly precise predictions

Nov.30, 2017 : NEC provides Wave Broadband with iPASOLINK® EX-Advanced wireless radio system to support network growth

Oct.27, 2017 : NEC to provide Qatar's Ooredoo Group with microwave communications and IP/MPLS systems

Mar.03, 2017 : NEC and MTS increase radio line network transmission capacity up to 10 Gbps

Feb.24, 2017 : NEC teams with BT and EE to test future 5G millimetre wave technology at Salford University

Feb.13, 2017 : NEC awarded contract with NSW Telco Authority as part of CCEP

Feb.21, 2017 : NEC Introduces Wireless Transport Solution with AI Analytics for the 5G era

Feb.13, 2017 : NEC awarded contract with NSW Telco Authority as part of CCEP

Nov.17, 2016 : NEC Concludes Third Multi-Vendor Wireless Transport SDN Proof of Concept with the Open Networking Foundation

Apr. 14, 2016 : NEC provides Orange Egypt with iPASOLINK E-band microwave radios

Apr. 07, 2016 : KT and NEC successfully test 5G backhaul solution utilizing E-band spectrum

Feb. 10, 2016 : NEC launches new millimeter wave radio for 5G backhauling

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