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Investor FAQs

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Q1When was the company established?
A1NEC Corporation (called "Nippon Electric Company, Limited" when founded) was established on July 17, 1899.
You can see more detailed information at "History"
Q2When was the stock listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
A2In May, 1949.

Financial Information

Q1When are NEC's accounting periods?
A1The fiscal year ends on March 31 each year. Our consolidated results in accordance with Japan GAAP are announced every quarter. Click here for the detailed schedule.
Q2Where can I see announcements of the latest operating results?
A2Click here for past earnings announcements and here for annual reports.
Q3Can I listen th audio while looking at slides from presentations of financial results on this Web site?
A3Yes. We post an audio with slides for investors every three months.
Click here for more information.
Q4Where can I see NEC’s historical financial data?
A4Please see Historical Data.

Shareholder Information

Q1What is the stock code?
Q2What are the record dates for dividend payments?
A2The year-end dividend is paid to shareholders of record on March 31, and the interim dividend is paid to shareholders of record on September 30.
Click here for past dividends on the stock and the fundamental policy on the distribution of profits
Q3Are there any shareholder incentives?
Q4Who should one contact for more detailed information on the stock?
A4Please contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited (our transfer agent).

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
Toll-free telephone number in Japan: 0120-782-031

Click here for more information.

This Website is not made for the purpose of soliciting investments.

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