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Dividends and Shareholder Return

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Dividend on Stock

NEC implemented share consolidation with a ratio of 10 shares of common stock to 1 share as of October 1, 2017. A dividend on and after FY2018/03 below is the amount reflecting the share consolidation.
Ref: NEC Announces Change in the Number of Shares per Share Unit, Share Consolidation and Partial Amendment to Articles of Incorporation

Years ended / ending March 31 Interim Year End Per Share of Common Stock
(full year)
2019 0yen
2018 - 60.00yen 60.00yen
2017 - 6.00yen 6.00yen
2016 - 6.00yen 6.00yen
2015 - 4.00yen 4.00yen
2014 - 4.00yen 4.00yen
2013 - 4.00yen 4.00yen
2012 - - -
2011 - - -
2010 - 4.00yen 4.00yen
2009 - - -
2008 4.00yen 4.00yen 8.00yen
2007 4.00yen 4.00yen 8.00yen
2006 3.00yen 3.00yen 6.00yen
2005 3.00yen 3.00yen 6.00yen
2004 3.00yen 3.00yen 6.00yen
2003 - - -
  • *Forecast as of April 27, 2018

Fundamental Policy on Distribution of Profits

NEC’s commitment to shareholder returns includes comprehensive consideration for the profit status of each period in addition to future capital requirements and the execution of business operations with an emphasis on capital efficiency, while regarding investment in growth areas and the enhancement of its financial base as being tied to the creation of long-term corporate value.

Acquisition of treasury stock

Not applicable.

Shareholder incentives

Not applicable.

This Website is not made for the purpose of soliciting investments.

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