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Universal Design

NEC's Universal Design

The importance of Universal Design.

Universal Design (UD) makes products, services and environments more accessible to a diversity of people regardless of age, gender, ability, race, etc. UD applies not only to urban developments, products and services that help everyone live more comfortably, but also to the promotion of barrier-free minds.
In a sustainable society, it is important for a diversity of people to enjoy the benefits fairly. Resolving disparities and reducing inequalities are also desirable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. UD for urban developments, and barrier-free minds, are becoming more important towards the realization of a sustainable society.

NECʼ s Universal Design

NEC is always deeply committed to making society more inclusive by providing value benefiting diverse lifestyles. After it started surveying and studying UD, NEC took the lead in this field by applying findings to its hardware and software products (UD for products). Application of Universal Design has expanded beyond "products" to service delivery (UD for solution and services), such as through ATMs with voice guidance service, and social/commercial infrastructure (UD for urban developments), such as in airport flight information systems. Moreover, NEC encourages "barrier-free minds" by providing support for human resources such as internal education and certification courses, and social action programs.

NECʼ s Universal Design history
NECʼ s Universal Design history

UD for urban developments

NECʼ s UD for urban developments brings comfortable living, safety and security to a diversity of people. Through co-creation with various partners, it seamlessly connects solutions for individuals and society to contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable society.

Real-time analysis
(Crowd behavior analysis solution)

This solution helps diverse people navigate efficiently by analyzing and predicting the density and flow of crowds in shopping areas, stations and event spaces.

Operation center solution

Operation centers that monitor congestion situations and the movement of persons with disabilities, and provide necessary information to volunteers and staff, are needed at some sites. NEC offers a total platform for such operation centers from construction to practical operation.

UD for urban developments

Appropriate dissemination of information
(information display solution)

NECʼ s information display solution provides information suitable for diverse groups of people. This includes multilingual instructions on signboards and smartphones for foreigners in cities, airports, stadiums and other facilities; voice guidance for the visually impaired; optimal route guidance and signs in multipurpose restrooms for people in wheelchairs.

Grasp the state of a diversity of people
(biometrics and video analytics)

By facial recognition and video analytics technologies, NECʼ s UD for urban developments offers safety and peace of mind for the community, such as through smooth entry and exit of various users, discovery of lost children and people who need help, detection of anomalies and correspondence with strangers.