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NEC I:Delight for Guest Experience

At hotels,  guests only need to scan their faces to gain access to their rooms. Shoppers can also get personalized experiences in stores, from greetings to recommendations, and use their faces to perform transactions, getting them the most out of their shopping experiences and saving them valuable time.‚Äč

In Action Today

Nanki Shirahama & Mt. Fuji

The Future of Tourism as Envisioned by NEC I:Delight

  • Regional Revitalization through Face Recognition in Nanki Shirahama
  • Creating a New Experience at Mt. Fuji with Face Recognition Technology

Toyama City

Face Recognition Integrated into Toyama City

Sequence Hotels

Connecting Comfort and Experiences Seamlessly in the Hospitality Sector


NEC I:Delight eBook
NEC I:Delight Hospitality eBook

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