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NEC Kids

Number of output created in this program: 450
Everybody is a future creator stimulating children's creativity.
Scene of NEC Kids

"NEC Kids" is a program to nurture human resources who have abundant creativity and communication abilities for elementary and junior high school students, and has been operated in cooperation with CANVAS, who graduated from NEC Social Entrepreneurship School, since 2009. Workshops using PCs, digital cameras and programming software as tools for playing and learning are held.

Main Workshops
NEC Kids Public Relations Department (Animation Creation)

  • Workshop to create animation commercial movies with the theme of business operations which NEC is engaged in
  • Workshop to create animated videos promoting local areas

NEC Kids Development Department (Programming)

  • Workshop to create original games using Scratch or Viscuit, free programming languages

* Currently, this program is not available

Promotional Video

Comments from participants

  • This workshop was the most interesting one among the ones I've ever participated. I want to get involved again.
  • I want to learn more about programming and create an amazing game.

Comments from parents

  • The lecture that ignited children's intellectual curiosity was amazing. I think that communications between parent and child can be made through programming.
  • It was a good opportunity to broaden prospective.
  • Children worked very happily. I've never seen that expression at home.