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Truly Open, Truly Trusted
-This is NEC.

What we value in these uncertain times.

With the world increasingly connected through open networks, we face significant changes and risks in both the physical and cyber worlds.

How can companies responsibly work with other diverse stakeholders to address global issues?
At NEC, we are committing to the values of "Truly Open, Truly Trusted" in all our corporate activities.

Being open and building trust have become widely-accepted concepts in economic and business activities. As the world evolves, however, NEC must embrace these concepts and continuously consider what it means to be Truly Open and Truly Trusted. This is critical for NEC to realize our purpose of creating social value.

NEC’s technology is backed by trust that we have cultivated while supporting mission-critical applications throughout our history. Working together with all of you, we will harness that technology for good, and accelerate open innovation that can maximize positive impacts on society to realize a world where benefits are shared by all.

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Truly Open

  • Truly Open
    Accelerate innovation

    NEC aims to eliminate lock-in structures by specific companies and countries, promote openness, and broadly embrace diversity to accelerate innovation in all industries. NEC will contribute its expertise to network infrastructures to help promote both an open environment and the secure use of data.

    Case1: Open Network
    NEC advocates and develops telecommunications infrastructures based on the concept of Openness. Use of open standards, open collaborations and disaggregated components will enable flexible networks that meet the expanding needs of the market and are not dependent on specific vendors. This will accelerate innovation leading to valuable new services and revenue streams for network operators in their journey to Open RAN.

    Additionally, our optical transport solutions have also embraced the spirit of openness by providing open optical devices and a full lineup of solutions that support the cause.

    By promoting openness throughout our network solutions, we drive social change by leading innovations that improve global connectivity and help to close the digital divide.
    Case2: From Deep Ocean to Outer Space
    In order to secure an open network that will cover the entire earth, it is necessary to utilize both the ocean and outer space. In submarine cables, we have developed the world's first long-distance optical transmission using uncoupled 4-core fiber cables that enable high-capacity communications. In optical communications in space, we have been developing technology that has been leading industry for more than 20 years.
  • Truly Open
    Maximize positive impact on society

    NEC will promote open co-creation with partners to combine our respective strengths to help transform technology in ways that produce greater social value and maximize positive impacts on society. Working with partners, customers and other stakeholders, we will demonstrate the future possibilities that technologies can help create, develop and communicate a shared vision for a brighter future for all, and advance socially beneficial technology implementations.

    Case: Open innovation to maximize social impact
    NEC is engaged in open innovation in a variety of areas. For example, in the area of Deep Tech, NEC is engaged in global co-creation in the AI drug discovery business and is developing next-generation infectious disease vaccines to help prevent future pandemics. In the area of tourism, we are engaged in ongoing co-creation in Nanki-Shirahama, where we are working with customers and partners to leverage biometric authentication/ID and local 5G solutions.
  • Truly Open
    Realize a world where benefits are shared by all

    We aim to provide a platform on which anyone can freely connect and securely use data. On this open platform, we will use NEC and partner technologies to advance Digital Transformation on public infrastructures and realize a world in which benefits are shared by all—including society, our customers and NEC.

    Case: Open Digital Transformation environment
    We provide global, leading-edge, secure biometric, AI, 5G and other technology modules and solutions that enable seamless, secure and convenient connectivity with NEC and partner services and products to create an open, trusted Digital Transformation environment.

Truly Trusted

  • Truly Trusted
    Technology backed by trust

    NEC has developed world-class and highly reliable core technologies, in areas that include biometrics, AI and 5G. We tirelessly invest in the development of cutting-edge technologies such as cyber security and quantum cryptography—both of which have become increasingly important in recent years.

    Case: AI, Biometrics and Network technologies
    We possess cutting-edge AI technologies such as highly-accurate and effective "optimization solutions" that help facilitate decision-making and world-class biometric authentication technologies including face, fingerprint/palmprint, and iris recognition. In 5G, we are working with our partners to connect the carrier-grade networks we are building with Open RAN to Beyond 5G/6G.
  • Truly Trusted
    Harness technology for social good

    To address society’s concerns about technology, it is important for companies to establish policies that promote fair, trustworthy use of technologies. NEC continuously works to establish and strengthen such policies and to earn and deepen societal trust in our technologies, services, and business practices. From a strong foundation of societal trust, we aim to develop and deploy technologies that provide not only excellent customer experiences but also social value.

    Case 1: Dialogue to create common understanding of what is right
    NEC recognizes that providing transparent, accessible information about complex technologies and the risks and benefits that those technologies can produce is a key component of building the trust needed to leverage technologies in ways that support positive social change. NEC is working to establish policies and other governance mechanisms that reduce risks and build trust. Through dialogue with diverse stakeholders, NEC is learning and communicating ideas about risk mitigation and working to foster common understandings and approaches to responsibly develop and use technology.

    Case 2: AI and Human Rights
    While AI technologies can enrich our lives, improper use of AI technologies can pose privacy and other human rights issues. NEC has formulated the “NEC Group AI and Human Rights Principles” to recognize respect for privacy and human rights as the highest priority in our business operations.
  • Truly Trusted
    Capability to support mission-critical systems

    NEC has supported mission-critical systems during every era of our more than 120-year history. The depth of knowledge and experience that our engineers have cultivated over this time, as well as our strengths in system construction and operation, will continue to support your business and society in an ever-evolving world.

    Case 1: Capability to support mission-critical systems
    In each era, we have supported mission-critical systems in a variety of sectors, including government, finance, and telecommunications, as well as disaster prevention and infrastructure management using space technologies. We will continue to promote societal safety, security, fairness and efficiency by leveraging the trust in our technology, our knowledge of system development and operation, and deep understanding of our customers that we have cultivated over our long history.

    Case 2: NEC’s history
    Kunihiko Iwadare, who founded NEC in 1899, believed that "technology knows no borders," and contributed to the development of domestic technology in Japan by learning cutting-edge technologies from overseas. For more than 120 years, we have tirelessly developed technologies in every field from submarine cables to space satellites. We will strive to continue to lead with our technological strength and innovation.