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LOTUSat-1”Creating the Future”

NEC developed the ASNARO-2 advanced small radar satellite.This mission uses radio waves to observe the Earth's surface.A ground system visualizes the data in real time to help monitor natural disasters and conditions in cities and farmlands.In 2024, LOTUSat-1, an Earth observation satellite for Vietnam based on ASNARO-2, was completed.


With LOTUSat-1 SAR satellite, Vietnam gets an eye in the sky on natural disasters

NEC sat down with Dr. Le Xuan Huy, Vice Director General of the Vietnam National Space Center, to discuss Vietnam’s decision to launch LOTUSat-1 and why it chose to partner with NEC Corporation.

The 'LOTUSat-1' Project—NEC's Interdepartmental Team's First Satellite System Export to Elevate Vietnam's Space Capabilities

The LOTUSat-1 Earth Observation Satellite Project for Vietnam is the first such initiative to utilize Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding for exporting a satellite. In fact, this is also NEC's inaugural venture into exporting a satellite system. As the project approaches its final stages in preparation for next year's launch, members of the team have shared their own hopes and motivations.

Aiming to Develop a Global Space Business: Unveiling the potential of NEC's space business through the "LOTUSat-1" Earth observation satellite system provided to Vietnam

In 2018, ASNARO-2, a small radar observation satellite developed by NEC, was successfully launched and remains in active orbit around Earth, continuously monitoring the planet's surface. It was decided in 2020 that the LOTUSat-1, a satellite of the same design as ASNARO-2, would be provided to Vietnam. In anticipation of the scheduled launch of LOTUSat-1 in the upcoming fiscal year, we sat down with Kazutsuna Hebiishi, the project manager for LOTUSat-1 at NEC, to discuss the satellite's features, its mission goals, and the future trajectory of NEC's initiatives in the space sector.