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Wheelchair Tennis Sponsorship

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Wheelchair tennis is nearly identical to able-bodied tennis in terms of both the rules and the major tournaments held around the world.
NEC has been supporting wheelchair tennis for more than 30 years, contributing to the creation of inclusive and diversified environments where everyone has a chance to reach their full potential.


30 March 2023
Announcing our newly revamped wheelchair tennis sponsorship website!


  • International Tennis Federation (ITF) wheelchair tennis tours

    Over 160 wheelchair tennis tournaments held in more than 40 countries around the world are officially recognized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).
    NEC supports tournaments held in japan.
  • World championship for wheelchair tennis: NEC Wheelchair Singles Masters

    The International Tennis Federation (ITF) wheelchair tennis tour (comprised of over 160 tournaments) culminates with this tournament, at which the world champion of the year is determined.
    NEC has supported this event as a title sponsor for more than 31 years.
  • All Japan Wheelchair Tennis Masters

    The top-ranked wheelchair tennis players in Japan compete in this tournament to determine the best wheelchair tennis player in the country.
    NEC has been supporting this tournament for more than 31 years since its inception in 1991.


-Special video for the 30th Year of Tour Sponsorship- NEC Wheelchair Tennis Singles Masters 2023