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Truly Open, Truly Trusted
-This is NEC.

What we value in these uncertain times.

Message from CEO Truly Open, Truly Trusted

With the world increasingly connected through open networks, we face significant changes and risks in both the physical and cyber worlds.
How can companies responsibly work with other diverse stakeholders to address global issues?
At NEC, we are committing to the values of "Truly Open, Truly Trusted" in all our corporate activities.


What we are aiming for

NEC creates the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. zoom


In these uncertain times, We are committed to being
“Truly Open, Truly Trusted.”

NEC's initiatives

Truly Open

Accelerating open innovation

NEC is committed to open innovation as a way to achieve our future vision. We recognize that to realize the future we envision, no one company can act alone. Developing a shared vision with partners and stakeholders is a critical step. As we build this shared vision, we will find new ways to combine our technology strengths with our partners and stakeholders. Through open co-creation based on this vision, we will transform technology into economic and social value and maximize positive impact on society.

Truly Open

Leading open ecosystems

NEC aims to create open ecosystems by eliminating lock-in structures from specific companies or countries and by embracing a wide range of diversity.
We are creating technology environments with secure and open interfaces. And we see open ecosystems as a key factor in the achievement of our future vision. Co-creation and leading technological innovation and implementation are a top priority for NEC. We will continue to build networks from the ocean to outer space. And by distributing data through these networks, NEC will support the creation of new industries and new services.

Truly Trusted

Supporting mission-critical systems

Social infrastructures from governments, telecommunications, and financial institutions are indispensable in our lives. NEC has a long history of supporting society by building and operating these mission-critical systems.
As the world becomes more uncertain, it is even more important to “keep society running”. NEC will be leveraging our world leading AI, biometrics and 5G technologies as we continue to support mission critical systems that are the foundation of society and the way we live.

Truly Trusted

Harnessing technology for social good

To address society’s concerns about technology, it is important for companies to establish policies that promote fair, trustworthy use of technologies. NEC continuously works to establish and strengthen such policies and to earn and deepen societal trust in our technologies, services, and business practices. From a strong foundation of societal trust, we aim to develop and deploy technologies that provide not only excellent customer experiences but also social value.