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Continued globalization and digitalization are changing how people work and what they value in their jobs. NEC is designing new work environments that take into consideration individual personalities and life stages, in order to cater to the needs of everyone and empower all people to excel.

Work Style​ Work Style

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  • What if offices sparked new ideas every day? What if offices sparked new ideas every day?
    Story 01
    What if offices sparked new ideas every day?

    Fernando goes into his company’s shared office looking for ideas for his new business plan. Without breaking stride, he walks through the face-recognition security gate, which also checks his vital signs.

    “Floor 5 is designed for open discussion and brainstorming. How about workspace A3?” the guidance system recommends, taking into account how busy each floor is and where Fernando’s colleagues are working.

    Once there, Fernando shares his plans with a coworker in the neighboring workspace, and she puts him in touch with someone at the India-Japan shared office. Up comes a life-sized projection, and it’s almost as if they are meeting in person.

    The person’s profile and areas of expertise are displayed beside him, helping make the meeting as smooth as possible, and Fernando comes away with some key insights for making his plan a reality.