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Digital networks are becoming increasingly important forms of social infrastructure, supporting people’s lives and economic activities. With the help of its information and communication technologies deployed everywhere, from the ocean floor to outer space, NEC is building secure and responsive networks that can overcome the hurdles posed by physical distance, allowing people to enjoy new and seamless experiences in real-time.

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The future is already here

  • What if you could run a vineyard from home? What if you could run a vineyard from home?
    Story 01
    What if you could run a vineyard from home?

    Miku is at home, watching video feeds of her vineyards located in hard-to-access sites in France and Spain.

    The images Miku is seeing are analyzed digitally in real-time, and she is updated with information such as the water content and growth rate.

    She starts remotely harvesting the grapes that are ready, then carefully sorts them, scrutinizing each grape with the help of her well-trained eye and the high-resolution feed.

    On another monitor, Miku checks on the winery in Australia. Based on the state of the grapes, she needs to adjust the pressure and timing of the pressing process, which she does by manipulating a remote arm by a matter of millimeters.

    “They seem extra firm this year,” Miku notes. “I hope this is going to be another great vintage!”

  • Story 02
    What if you could turn part of your room into a stadium?

    The Smiths are huge sports fans. Tonight, their favorite team is playing in the semifinals.

    Using AR and VR, they are transported pitchside. While enjoying cold beers at home, the Smiths take in the game as if they are right there in the stadium. “There’s 10 seconds to go… and the pass is intercepted! 10, 9, 8… and the final shot is good!!”

    The Smiths’ team has come from behind to win the game! Fans around the world high-five each other. For the next match, the Smiths decide to try to get tickets to see the game live.

    もし、自分の部屋がスタジアムになったとしたら? もし、自分の部屋がスタジアムになったとしたら?