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Management Policy and Strategy

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(As of June 22, 2016)

Fundamental Management Policy

Based on the NEC Group Corporate Philosophy, “NEC strives through ‘C&C’ to help advance societies worldwide toward deepened mutual understanding and the fulfillment of human potential,” NEC aims to be a global company by contributing to the development of an information society through “C&C,” the integration of Computers (Information Technology) and Communications (Telecommunication Technology).

To pursue this philosophy, the NEC Group jointly adopted the “NEC Group Vision,” which represents the NEC Group’s desired image of society and group business, as well as the “NEC Group Values” of shared behavioral principles and values that are necessary to realize the NEC Group’s vision.

NEC Group Vision:
"To be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth"

The NEC Group aims to lead the world in realizing an information society that is friendly to humans and the earth, where information and communication technologies help people as an integral part of their lives, and act in harmony with the global environment through innovation that unites the powers of intelligence, expertise and technology inside and outside of the NEC Group.

NEC Group Core Values:
"Passion for Innovation," "Self-help," "Collaboration," "Better Products, Better Services"

The NEC Group will strive to provide satisfaction and inspiration for our customers through the efforts of self-reliant individuals, motivated by a "passion for innovation," that work as part of a team to continuously pursue the provision of better products and services. This mentality of "Better Products, Better Services"- not settling for less than the best - has been shared among employees since the establishment of the NEC Group. The NEC Group aims to pursue its Corporate Philosophy and realize the Group Vision through actions based on the Values that have been passed down and fostered over the 100-year history of the NEC Group.

Finally, the NEC Group aims for sustained growth for society and business through efforts to increase its corporate value by practicing the “NEC Way” which systemizes the structure of the NEC Group’s management activities such as Corporate Philosophy, Vision, Core Values, Charter of Corporate Behavior, Code of Conduct and its drive to bring satisfaction to all of its stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, and employees alike.

Management Indicator Goals

The NEC Group aims to realize certain operating results as a leading global corporate group, and attaches paramount importance to ROE as a management indicator for improving profitability. The NEC Group recorded an ROE of 8.5% under Japanese standards in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, but aims for an ROE of 10% (IFRS) in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019 through its "Mid-term Management Plan 2018."

Middle and Long Term Management Strategy

In April 2016, the NEC Group established a "Mid-term Management Plan 2018," featuring midterm management policies that include (1) a profit structure rebuilding plan, and (2) a return to growth. The NEC Group aims to expand business and improve profitability by transitioning to a "social value innovator" and establishing a globally competitive growth base.

  • For futher details on "Mid-term Management Plan 2018," please visit here [PDF](1,952KB)

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