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SCSK and NEC collaborate in data center business

Tokyo, July 14, 2021 - new windowSCSK Corporation (SCSK; TSE: 9719) and NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) have announced the commencement of collaboration in the data center business from today. Through this collaboration, the companies will build a secure, low-latency connection to cloud services and various service providers at the Chiba Data Center of SCSK netXDC* in the Inzai Campus (Inzai City, Chiba). The companies aim to steadily provide customers with access to this environment and high-value-added system integration and services from the first half of fiscal 2022.

1. Background and Purpose

In the recent data center market in Japan, the acceleration of DX by corporations, governments, and municipalities has resulted in a demand for data center services compatible with hybrid cloud connectivity that connects customers' IT assets with cloud services, and multi-cloud connectivity that enables easy connections of multiple cloud services depending on usage. In order to respond to these customer needs, both companies have agreed on this collaboration with the aim of forming a new ecosystem (an interconnected ecosystem) for data center services that combines data center services that can be freely connected to service providers, IX operators, Communication Service Providers, and other companies with the system integration and services of both SCSK and NEC.

2. Overview of collaboration

SCSK operates two data centers on its Inzai Campus, and in April 2022, SCSK will begin operating a third data center. Both companies will jointly invite service providers, IX operators, Communication Service Providers and other ecosystem partners to the Inzai Campus. In addition, the companies will work to standardize not only the services and solutions of both companies, but also the connection services with jointly attracted ecosystem partners, and provide them as their respective services. This will provide strong support for customers' promotion of DX by providing highly connected and convenient data center services using this campus as a hub.

Outline of data center operations

3. Characteristics

  • By using the shared ecosystem partner connection service for the data center services of both companies, secure and low-latency network connection services and various cloud services with high utilization value can be easily used
  • Supporting customers' DX from End-to-End by combining shared services with both companies' on-premises, system integration and services on the cloud, and managed services
  • Similar services are available from data centers in SCSK and NEC's other bases


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