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NEC awarded bus rapid transit project as part of Smart City initiative in India

- Intelligent transit management system for Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamadal Limited (PMPML) -

Tokyo, Japan, March 30, 2018 – NEC Corporation today announced that  NEC Technologies India has accepted an order for Intelligent Transportation Solutions to support better transportation planning for Pune, Maharashtra, India, which will be the second project in Pune to provide a solution from NEC's transportation solutions suite.

The project was awarded by Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamadal Limited (PMPML) in January 2018, involving the development, implementation, operation and maintenance of the bus rapid transit (BRT) system in the city. The new project with PMPML will help the city to plan a better transit system to optimize the transit service and customer experience. NEC will offer a Vehicle Planning Scheduling and Dispatch System (VPSD), supporting the design and change in bus routes, as well as optimizing bus service schedules and the allocation of crews and buses based on the real-time information obtained from the Automated Vehicle Location System (AVLS). NEC also offers a Depot Management System (DMS), which automates the operations in the bus depots, vehicle management, and stock management for a variety of parts, which is designed to increase the efficiency of daily tasks.

NEC's suite of transportation solutions is able to integrate multiple technologies in order to improve operational efficiency and increase passenger satisfaction by utilizing the latest ICT solutions.

"Rapid urbanization and the push of Government for India's smart cities mission has created a need for a safe, secure, efficient and reliable public transportation system that can support the growth of a city. NEC's innovative transportation and public safety solutions will enable passengers' greater mobility in their day-to-day journeys. PMPML was the first to launch NEC's smart transportation solutions for the Indian market. We are proud to work with them again. NEC Technologies India will remain committed to deliver the best of technology solutions, which will support the urban infrastructure through a seamlessly integrated transport system that will make every day travelling safer and more efficient," said Takayuki Inaba, Managing Director, NEC Technologies India PVT Ltd.

NEC's first project with PMPML was awarded in July 2015, involving the development, implementation, operation and maintenance of AVLS software and Passenger Information System (PIS) software for the bus BRT system in the city. NEC Technologies India has collaborated with various state governments to offer their public safety solutions as a part of their Smart City initiatives in the country. NEC has the capability to implement cutting-edge solutions and to efficiently manage transportation, making every day commuting safer and smoother.

As part of the project, NEC implemented a BRT system with a special lane for buses using an efficient ICT-based operating system in Pune. NEC designed the PMPML Command and Control Center and installed a smart location information system that gives managers a comprehensive visual overview of the operating status and location of over 790 buses across 117 stations. Using in-bus AVLS software, the bus control center is able to receive real-time service updates via GPS, which helps maintain bus assets, operations, safety and customer satisfaction.

NEC also implemented a Passenger Information System at bus stops, which provides real-time bus arrival timings. The information is relayed to a smart passenger information mobile application to allow smoother rides for commuters over Pune's arterial roads.

With global expertise in transport solutions, NEC specializes in designing, building and commissioning bus systems, with a proven track record of collaboration with more than 100 local partners and authorities worldwide. These advanced technologies include cutting-edge solutions for mobile ticketing, fleet management, automated fare collection, depot management, passenger information and bus location. The innovative bus transportation solutions are designed to enhance the service excellence of the operator, making the rides safer and more efficient for passengers and drivers.

Smart City solutions are currently being considered in over 100 cities throughout India. By leveraging its advanced ICT technologies and service know-how, NEC is making a significant contribution to solve challenges in traffic and urban infrastructure.


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