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BIGLOBE selects NEC's Traffic Management Solution

- Delivers higher quality of experience for mobile users -

Tokyo, October 5, 2016 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced that BIGLOBE, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and one of the leading Internet service providers in Japan, selected NEC's Traffic Management Solution (TMS) to deliver higher Quality of Experience (QoE) for their mobile communication subscribers. The TMS has been implemented in BIGLOBE's commercial networks and doubled the network throughput, enabling end users to enjoy web browsing and video streaming with lower latency and greater stability.

The Dynamic Transmission Control Protocol Optimization (D-TCP) function of NEC's TMS automatically controls the volume of packets transmitted over the network in accordance with traffic conditions. This makes it possible to optimize the packet flow rate at a level that will not impair the user's QoE during times of traffic congestion, thereby mitigating packet loss and packet retransmission, which can lead to throughput degradation.

By utilizing this function in the commercial networks of its high-speed mobile communication services, BIGLOBE has improved network throughput by as much as two times on weekdays from early in the evening until late at night when traffic is particularly heavy.

Figure 1: Results of the TMS implementation by BIGLOBE

"In order to deliver high-quality mobile communication services for our customers, we looked for innovative solutions which can prevent QoE deterioration," said Masaaki Nakano, Senior Vice President, BIGLOBE. "Implementing NEC's TMS has allowed us to minimize packet loss and increase network throughput during times of congestion, enabling our customers to enjoy higher-speed communication services with their smartphones and tablet devices."

"MVNOs face the challenge of utilizing network bandwidth borrowed from mobile network operators as effectively as possible to boost profitability while at the same time providing end users with a high QoE," said Atsuo Kawamura, Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation. "Managing deterioration of communication quality during times of congestion is a key factor for MVNOs to improve end-user satisfaction. NEC is pleased that the implementation of its TMS has allowed BIGLOBE to dramatically improve throughput, which will be a key differentiator for their mobile services."

NEC's TMS has been implemented by more than 10 telecommunications operators in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere. Going forward, NEC will continue to focus on expanding global sales of the solution, including its D-TCP and various other functions, and contributing to the development of advanced network environments through which communication services are delivered in more effective and cost-efficient ways.

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