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NEC enhances Traffic Management Solution for MVNOs

- Enabling the reduction of MVNO mobile data traffic up to 30% while maintaining QoE -

Tokyo, Japan - February 17, 2016 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the launch of an enhanced Traffic Management Solution (TMS) that reduces mobile data traffic volume up to 30% (*) while maintaining a high Quality of Experience (QoE) for end users.

This reduction rate, which is two times higher than that of NEC's existing TMS, is achieved by improving its proprietary SSL-encrypted Pacing technology. This technology identifies the content types of HTTPS traffic and implements optimized traffic control measures based on the type of content.

Furthermore, in order for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) to provide better QoE for end users, the new TMS' Dynamic TCP Optimization technology improves throughput more than twice as fast. This technology also stabilizes end-to-end communications by reducing the impact of packet loss on mobile networks at the time of congestion.

The combination of the two technologies prevents the delay of video playback, and provides better QoE for end users. Also, MVNOs can effectively utilize network bandwidth leased from Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and save on the costs paid to MNOs, resulting in MVNOs' higher profitability.

Masaaki Nakano, General Manager, Carrier Services Division, NEC Corporation, said, "In recent years, encrypted traffic has rapidly increased, and this tremendous increase has caused more network congestion. As one of their top priorities, MNOs and MVNOs must solve this congestion problem to efficiently operate their networks. The key challenge is to optimize encrypted traffic effectively and protect privacy at the same time."

Mr. Nakano continued, "What MVNOs need to tackle is the minimization of packet loss and throughput degradation during times of congestion as well as the curbing of mobile data overflow in the bandwidth capacity leased from MNOs in times of heavy traffic. NEC's newly launched TMS meets the MVNOs' needs to increase profitability and to facilitate the effective use of network bandwidth while maintaining a high QoE for end users."

Key features of the new TMS include the following:

  1. Effective utilization of network bandwidth leased from MNOs
    NEC's unique algorithm to identify the content types of HTTPS traffic has been strengthened and the accuracy in detecting whether content is video or web has been greatly improved. Also, another new technology has been incorporated to enable more flexible flow control, such as optimization based on the destination URL, time of day and network status. As a result, traffic can be reduced by up to 30% and the maintenance of a high QoE without degradation can be achieved simultaneously.
  2. Improvement of throughput twice as fast
    TCP optimization technology has been enhanced to enable more flexible fine-tuning depending on such conditions as network planning and QoE. Moreover, the dynamic and automatic fine-tuning of TCP optimization enables tuning in accordance with the status of the mobile network. Thanks to this technology, packet loss is diminished at the time of congestion and throughput is increased by more than double.

The new TMS will be featured at Mobile World Congress 2016 at the NEC exhibit in Hall 3, stand #3N10, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona from 22-25 February 2016.

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  • (*) According to NEC research

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