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Remote Sensing Applications

Disaster Monitoring Solutions

Solutions Overview

Flood Monitor and Alarm System

Through a combination of SAR observation and ground sensors, We can monitor the water levels of rivers in real time.Through integration and analysis of various observation data, accurate evaluation of flood risk becomes possible.

Environment Solutions

SAR observation provides more accurate elevation data than optical observation and can be used for mapping.
Additionally, it is suitable for natural resource management purposes such as monitoring for illegal logging through periodic observation.

Agricultural Solutions

In the future, the SAR satellite can be utilized for many ways and bring various benefits to our lives.
For example, SAR observation can be used to estimate rice-field acreage and contributes to improving agricultural productivity.

SAR Observation System

NEC comprehensively supports all aspects of the SAR observation system, including not only the development and manufacturing of the satellite itself, but also ground stations, data processing and analysis facilities, application systems, and training on using data.

Today, we can proactively detect and prevent disasters by observing the earth from space.

Even when the weather is bad or at night.The NEC SAR satellite can clearly observe the terrain and geological features.

SAR is a Synthetic Aperture Radar that observes the terrain and geology through the received reflection of microwaves irradiated from a satellite to the ground surface.