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Critical Infrastructure Management

FULL HD High Sensitivity Camera (NC-H1200/NC-H1200iR)

NC-H1200 delivers high-quality, full color HD video images even in full darkness.

Utilizing an electron multiplying function, this highly-sensitive digital camera has a significantly extended luminance range for taking moving images in low light conditions.

NC-H1200 offers advanced security surveillance enables quickly and accurately detecting persons, objects and vessels over large areas where reflection, shadows and darkness are commonplace.

2.2 Mega pixels Full-HD 3CMOS image sensor
Full-HD 3 CMOS image sensor enables to shoot a high resolution picture even at high contrast color. 

High performance automatic adjustment feature
FAW (Full Automatic White balance) and ASC (Automatic Sensitivity control) provide a 24-hour monitoring operation without adjustment.

IR-PASS Function (NC-H1200iR)

  • IR Pass function enables to take images at high sensitivity in the night by using a filter disk drive and simultaneous use of an IR Pass filter and near-infrared floodlight. 

Digital Zoom

  • NC-H1200 series supports full HD high resolution shooting with x 0.1 step adjustment digital zoom, without F drop of the lens.
  • Maximum x 10.0 digital zoom.

Visibility improvement technology
  • Noise Reduction function (De-Noise) and Haze Reduction function (De-Haze) are installed in camera. These functions keep better visibility even under misty and extreme dark conditions.



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