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Taking travel to new heights

The travel industry has faced a series of challenges in the past several years, from having to cater to unprecedented growth to finding ways to make the travel experience safe and convenient as countries emerge from the pandemic of early 2020.

Many old practices associated with air travel may not return. Travelling has to come with enough safeguards that would put their minds at ease about the risks involved. At the same time, while it is understandable that there will be new safety arrangements such as temperature checks, travelers will still want to be able to be on their way fairly quickly.

The key to this is the integration of several important technologies into a seamless process. Highly accurate and fast face recognition, for example, enables the traveler to be recognized at various checkpoints without having to stop to present documents. The upsides go beyond just reducing the hassles of travel. Digital solutions can make a journey not just safe but also one that delights and surprises.

The groundwork for a future when air travel will be dramatically different has to begin today. Just like many organizations have accelerated their transformation efforts during the pandemic, the aviation industry has to turn to key enabling technologies to lay the foundation for their recovery efforts, in preparation for the new normal.

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Taking travel to new heights