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Use case 3: Realized a value-creation type manufacturing system through centralized management of product information and operational reform

The third one is a use case of chemical and consumer goods manufacturer. Along with the implementation of PLM, this customer has implemented operational reform and built a manufacturing system that enables value creation from both IT system and operations.

The background of implementing PLM was the need to strengthen the brand power of the main consumer products, the need to visualize information and improve reliability as a strategic information management system, and distortion of business operations due to many individual optimized IT systems for each department.

The key point of implementing PLM was to promote the operational reform and IT system reform simultaneously, consolidate all product information at one location, strengthen the information linkage between design and manufacturing by using integrated BOM and to streamline the flow of operations across the various departments by connecting their operations and data with project management solution.

The benefits of implementing PLM are that now all users at customer side have been able to access the necessary information easily which allow them to focus on original value creation operations and they also have been able to improve their operational efficiencies by visualizing project information of all products across the various departments and reducing duplication of work.

The project management solution that has been implemented along with the integrated BOM solution integrates and manages the tasks and deliverables in product development phase and visualizes overall project status.
This customer has been able to streamline its flow of operations, accumulate, share and utilize technical information effectively.

As explained in this column, traditionally, PLM that that has been implemented mainly in the discrete manufacturing industry, now being implemented by manufacturers of industrial good sector due to various challenges and backgrounds. We hope that this column will be helpful for those manufacturers which have been facing such challenges.