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Case 3. Realization of product quality traceability

In recent years, there has been a strong need to strengthen quality traceability against the background of recall problems in various products. In the past, huge amount of time and effort were required while investigating the impact at the global level when defect is occurred because digitization of BOP, BOM and manufacturing site information were not often integrated, and required information could not be collected without contacting and investigating the factory individually.

On the other hand, in response to these problems, it is possible now to identify the range of impact not only on parts but also on processes and equipment and take prompt action across all global manufacturing sites by linking BOM and BOP and its integrated management in the event of engineering changes or occurrence of defects.

For example, as shown in the figure, if a change occurs in parts item B, it is possible to quickly trace and investigate the relationship without omission, such as parts item A-1, process sequence B, process A-1, equipment 1, jig 1, etc. In addition, by introducing BOP and linking it with all manufacturing sites, it is possible for mother factory to grasp the actual situation of overseas factories, trace the impact, and respond quickly and accurately to its customers.

Case 4. Accurate cost planning

It is important for product designers to consider cost planning and cost reduction from the upstream designing phase. BOM related cost information allows the product designer to calculate at the level of direct material cost, however BOP that contains cost information related to process, allows the product designer to simulate the cost on actual-based manufacturing expenses. Therefore, product designer will be able to plan the cost with high accuracy from the designing phase with the BOP that contains cost information related to process. Furthermore, this also allows the product designer to provide contribution in visualizing the cost reduction activities.