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Seagate Data Storage Systems

Discover data storage solutions built on trust, affordability and ease.

Welcome to a better way to store data. For over 40 years, Seagate has been offering the most innovative and easily integrated storage and storage services built on trust, affordability and ease. We consistently deliver breakthrough technology and value so you can store your data with confidence.

Storage you can count on

Seagate Technology is the leading innovator of mass-capacity data storage solutions. Confidently store your data more efficiently and easily unlock its value.

Best-in-class value and service

From petabyte to exabyte, we offer exceptional data storage systems at the best value with industry-leading capacity, breakthrough efficiencies, and sustainable technology.

Seamless end-to-end integration

As the only enterprise storage manufacturer that designs and builds its entire system from drives through enclosures, Seagate enables smart future proof mass data storage.

Operational Simplicity

Ultimate partner solution software connectivity and compatibility supporting storage workloads across all industries and applications.

Exos® CORVAULT™ – Self-healing, high-density data storage

Exos® CORVAULT™ is a high-performing, efficient, durable multi-petabyte capacity block storage system that is self-healing and brings five-nines availability to scale out storage for data centre deployments. CORVAULT breakthrough technologies provide hyperscale efficiencies, rapid deployment, and automatic hard drive renewal for less e-waste and operational costs.


Discover the perfect solution for your data center                     


Exos® CORVAULT™ 4U106 4U rackmount — featuring up to 2.5 PB raw capacity for 1.2-metre-deep racks.

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Exos® CORVAULT™ 4U106 4U rackmount — featuring up to 2.5 PB raw capacity for 1.2-metre-deep racks.

Exos® CORVAULT™ 5U84 5U rackmount — featuring 1.5 PB for 1.0-metre-deep racks

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Download datasheet

Exos X systems

All-flash, hybrid and hard disk arrays

Seagate® Exos® X hybrid storage arrays are petabyte-scalable, rack-mounted block storage systems with advanced data protection options and an abundance of storage features all powered by VelosCT™ ASIC-driven controllers. A value-rich solution for applications that require compatibility, massive capacity, performance, low latency and always-on resiliency. Flexible all HDD arrays, all flash arrays, and hybrid storage arrays for conventional on-prem data centres, and cloud infrastructure applications.

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Exos E systems

Expansion shelves & JBOD systems

Versatile architecture lets you easily scale your storage and simplify operations while optimising costs. Enjoy leading density enclosures, multi-unit expansion, superior reliability, simple administration and exceptional serviceability to take your data centre to the next level.
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Exos AP systems


Compute & storage convergence platforms

Combined compute/storage platforms Seagate® combines the compute performance of up to two AMD EPYC based compute boards with its storage systems. With our versatile and feature-rich design, you can easily scale your data systems while reducing your footprint. You get enterprise-class features at a competitive price.

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New: Mozaic 3+

Forged from decades of innovation, the Mozaic 3+ hard drive platform is our unique implementation of HAMR, delivering mass-capacity storage at unprecedented areal densities.

Mozaic 3+ is ushering in a new era of data storage—one where hard drives are here to stay.

An inflection point for data storage:

Unprecedented areal densities of 3TB+ per disk = more drive capacity in the same 3.5-inch form factor. Fewer disks and less weight/TB = lower TCO by reducing power consumption/cooling needs and extending drive life.
Rock-solid performance and reliability for the most demanding data center workloads. Rigorously tested and proven in the field, Mozaic 3+ is the answer to your IT challenges, backed by Seagate’s unwavering commitment to excellence.