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Expert System Integration ServicesExpert System Integration Services

Expert System Integration Services

Open and multi-vendor network is the key enabler for communications service providers (CSPs) to realize accelerated innovation, use case diversity and cost optimization. On the other hand, CSPs face a new set of challenges with the disaggregated architecture, and a system integrator (SIer) will play a central role in validating and operationalizing the end-to-end solutions. As a leading open networks SIer, NEC is equipped to efficiently tackle challenges as they arise and provide fit-for-purpose, carrier-grade networks built on a vibrant ecosystem.

What Exactly are the Challenges?

There are mainly three challenge CSPs confront in implementing open and multi-vendor networks. These include complexity of multi-vendor management​, immaturity of the technology, and the difficulty to guarantee carrier grade stability/reliability.

NEC can help CSPs overcome these challenges with its combined expertise in Telco, IT and Cloud. Learn details on how and why NEC can reduce complexity, efficiently validate network systems and deliver a total network with carrier-grade performance and quality.

What Exactly are the Challenges?

1) Reducing Complexity

NEC leverages its established framework and integration tools to efficiently and effectively enable continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) throughout the open networks lifecycle. Prior to commencing integrations, we align with customers on the business objectives and use cases to build purpose-designed services, while in parallel aligning with ecosystem partners to ensure long-term sustainability of the networks.

2) Leveraging Experience

NEC’s Centers of Excellence (CoEs) located in multiple locations globally provides end-to-end validation of commercial readiness with accumulated know-how and engineering expertise. Based on this extensive, commercially-proven skills and scale to meet demands, NEC’s approach is well received, with multiple open network references around the world.

5G CoE
Global organization to lead open network deployments

3) Always Carrier-Grade

From deep under the ocean to the far reaches of outer space, NEC has domain expertise in mission critical communications systems. 

Ocean to Space
NEC’s product development expertise as seen in our award-winning products makes a difference in the field.

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NEC System Integration and Professional Service


NEC System Integration and Professional Service

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Contact us today to learn more about our 5G Solutions