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Profiling across spatio-temporal data (video retrieval technology)

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November 11, 2015
update´╝ÜDecember 27, 2022

Unregistered person search from multiple sets of video data

The amount of digitized video data is rapidly increasing in the world. To give an example, security cameras are used for safety purpose inside facilities, such as stadiums, hotels, and large shops. However, searching for a selected target from video data without person authentication is technically impossible and has not been achieved to this date. The “Profiling across Spatio-Temporal data” is a breakthrough technology in this area.

This technology enables searching for any target based on similarities in video data, which means that individuals do not always need to be recognized. This makes it possible, for example, searching integrated video data captured by multiple cameras at stadiums or large shops to detect lost children or VIPs. It is also possible to detect a specific performer from multiple sets of video content data along with data capture location and time. Combined with a variety of technologies, including behavior detection and object detection,* this platform technology has the potential to draw out the possibilities of digitized video data.

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