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nano tech 2019 The 18th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference

January 30, 2019

nano tech 2019
The 18th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference

January 30 - February 1, 2019
Tokyo Big Sight, East Halls 4-6 & Conference Tower

The event has been concluded.

NEC Exhibition Overview

Ultrafast combinational optimization based on quantum effect
We introduce quantum annealing technology that instantly solves combinatorial optimization problems inherent in many solutions such as financial portfolio and delivery route. In the early 2020s, we will achieve the world's best quantum annealing.

AI Technology opens up next generation nanotech
Automated processes using AI and robots will be a powerful tool also in the field of nanotechnology. But it is still difficult that these systems understand this deep and wide field comprehensively only by themselves. NEC offers the explainable AI technology that enables human and AI to cooperatively figure out a way to proceed in the nanotechnology research field of enormous dimensions.

Urushi black tone bioplastics "NeCycle®"
 A new bioplastic derived from non-edible biomass such as cellulose from wood has been developed and commercialized, which performs "Urushi-black" elegance of traditional Japanese lacquerware. The "Urushi-black" bioplastic will strengthen brand of customers and appeal of their products by giving their excellent appearance unique to Japan and environmental friendliness.

Nanocarbon technologies to achieve large-scale production
Carbon nanotubes (CNT): NEC developed ideal semiconducting CNTs for thin film transistor applications.
Carbon nanohorns (CNHs): NEC established world's first large scale production (1kg+/day) method of CNHs.
Carbon nanobrush (CNB): NEC established large scale production method of CNBs with high conductivity, high dispersibility, and high specific surface area.

Vital signs sensing technology
A bio-harmonized pulse sensor module is fabricated using the stretchable electronics technologies. Because it does not get in the way when you wear it, the sensor is expected to acquire stable pulse data for a long time. In the future, by estimating the emotion from the acquired data, it is expected to be applied in business management and health care fields.